Aug 01 2018

Avocados: Why You Shouldn’t Give Them to Your Pet | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

For many of us, avocados are a healthy super-food that everyone needs to eat. We put them in smoothies, salads, or even make guacamole out of them. However, those health benefits that we love from avocados aren’t experienced by pets. In fact, this super-food can cause your pet some serious health problems

Many of the problems caused by avocados steams from a toxin in them called Persin. While dogs and cats have more of a resistance to this toxin then other animals, that doesn’t mean that avocados are in any way safe for them. It is listed as one of the top ten most dangerous human food for dogs and cats. If your pet ingest an avocado it can cause:

  • Vomitting
  • Diarreha
  • Consipation

These can cause other problems for your furry friend. Also, the avocado pit can be a choking hazard. 

It is simply better to keep avocados away from your pets. If you think that avocado has been eaten by your dog or cat, it is always better to play it safe and call your veterinarian

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