May 10 2018

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Dog | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

After a long winter, many of us are itching to get the dirt and clutter out of our houses.  We throw open the windows, put on our favorite tunes, and get down to some serious spring cleaning.  In the midst of all that change and activity, are our pets being forgotten?

Here are some tips for getting your dog cleaned up for the spring.

  1. A Thorough Bath

During the winter months, it can sometimes be especially difficult to clean your pet thoroughly.  Some dogs, especially big dogs, are better washed outside.  Take advantage of the warm weather and the spring cleaning mode to break out your favorite pet shampoo and thoroughly clean your pet’s fur.

2. Wipe the Face and Clear Out the Eye Boogers

Use a warm, wet cloth to wipe your dog’s face. This will give you the opportunity to remove tear staining and “eye boogers” that may have formed around your pet’s eyes. Be gentle around these sensitive areas and be sure you don’t get soap in those eyes!

3. Clean Out Those Ears

Gently wipe the outer ear. For the inner ear, you can use an ear cleaning product. Do NOT stick a cotton swab or any other object into your pet’s ear canal. 

4. Check the Hindquarters

This may not be the most fun part of the dog cleaning, but it is very important.  Make sure your dog’s hind end is clean and healthy – look out for undue odor, discharge, and swelling.

5. Pamper the Paw Pads and Trim the Toenails

Check your pet’s paws for cracks, scratches, dirt or damage from the winter.  Ice melts, cold weather, and dry winter air are not gentle on your pet’s paws. Before your pet goes for a long springtime walk, it’s good to be sure their paws can handle it. Trim the toenails carefully – trimming too far could lead to pain and bleeding of the nail.  Trimming or filing a small amount off the end of the nail each day will cause the blood supply to gradually recede.


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