Aug 27 2018

5 Tips for Adjusting Your New Puppy | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat


 Did you know that much of your puppy’s personality develops by 16 weeks? Here are some tips to get your puppy adjusted so fears and aggression don’t become part of that adorable puppy. 

1. Be Hands On

We mean this quite literally. It is very important to handle your new puppy. Hold them, pet them, give them a lot of love. Of course, it is important to remember to not be forceful. Just hold them gently and put them down when they are ready. It is just important for them to get used to and comfortable with your touch so you can clip nails, brush teeth, and clean ears in the future. Reward them when they accept being held and touched. 

2. Socialize Your Puppy

This is important so your puppy doesn’t become fearful when a stranger approaches. Puppies can also become aggressive when they get older if they aren’t socialized properly. Introduce them to different dogs and people. Even people in costumes. Dog parks are a great way of doing this! Walks around the neighborhood are perfect way of doing this as well. Don’t forget to give them treats for their good behavior!

3. Introduce them To the Latest Puppy Fashion

Is your puppy going to need a sweater or coat for winter? It’s important to get them used to the feeling of being in clothing. Even if you put an old onesie or tie a t-shirt on them. You don’t want them freaking out before going outside for their walk. 

4. Don’t Be Scared to Make Some Noise

Try to prevent noise phobias by making some! Making noise will help your pet get used to them. Run the vacuum and continue with the other usual loud noises in your household. Even your puppy gets scared at first, they will recover quickly. Give them a treat for being calm during a loud noise. You want to show them that those noises aren’t harmful.

5. Have Fun Together

Experience new things with your puppy! Take them to as many places as you can and let them explore the world. 

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