Sep 06 2018

4 Ways to Help Your Pet Through Back To School Time | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

September is here, and its time to send your kids back to school after being home all summer. But how is your fur-baby going to handle it? Separation anxiety present it self in accidents, exaggerated behavior, disobeying commands, whining, and scratching. In some cases, pets can try to follow their absent family members. If they are having some anxiety during this time of transition, here are some ways help until their school time routine is set.

Calm Them

Spend a little extra time with them. Let them feel loved, even in the absence of their playmate. When you have to leave them, give them a blanket or other things that has your smell and your child’s smell will help. Setting routing for them will also help. Have your children help with feeding them before going to school and walking. Doggy Day Care could be a good option for your pup so they can have a lot of social interaction and stimulation. Or maybe get a new friend for them?

Give Them a New Toy

Who doesn’t love a new toy? Have an specialty toy can keep them going all day if it has to. “Smart toys” can make them work for a treat. So while your pet is trying to get to that delicious snack, he isn’t thinking of the missing people. Leaving the television or radio on can also help them feel like that there is somebody there. 

Reward Good Behavior

Give them a treat when they are calms as your leaving the house. A treat when you come back home couldn’t hurt either. All of this is make the experiences of you and your child coming and going more positive for your pet. 

Lots of Play

Make sure their environment is enriching while your gone. Maybe have a dog sitter or dog walker stop by to give them some playtime. But, most importantly, give them a lot of playtime with you and your child when you are home. Remind them that they are loved and give them that extra attention that they need. 

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