Sep 13 2017

$25 Credit for Back to School Referrals! | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

It’s September, and that means it’s time to go back to school!  While many students dread the end of their glorious summer vacations, the back to school season can also be a wonderful time to reconnect with friends, peers, other parents, teachers, coaches, administrators and others who are all working together to make education possible.

When reconnecting with peers and friends, you can also help them find the quality veterinary care they’ve been looking for (and help yourself in the process)! We provide $25 toward veterinary services for you AND $25 toward veterinary services for your friend or colleague when you recommend a new client to Winslow Animal Hospital!


High quality of care for pets is our imperative. That’s why we want our clients to know they have our complete commitment in providing the most thorough pet care and highest quality pet care products available.

In addition, we greatly value the relationship we have with you and your pet. We want to have a long and fruitful relationship that makes it a joy to give your pet a healthy life.

We hope you feel confident sharing our philosophy with other pet owners who value and desire our commitment to quality pet care. When you do, we want to express our appreciation for your confidence in our practice and our team. When you take the time to “Share the Care” with a friend or relative, we’d like to return the favor! We ask our new clients how they learned about our practice, and if they were referred by you, we’ll show our thanks by giving you both $25 in savings toward professional services.


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