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This post is dedicated to the amazing and ancient saluki. Whether you are looking into this breed to see if it’s the right fit or want more information on your furry friend, keep reading to discover more about these gentle pups.


The saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Being the favorite breed among the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, evidence of this dog goes back to 7000 BCE. They were even a beloved by the infamous,  Alexander the Great. Amazingly still, the modern Saluki hasn’t changed in much in appearance from their ancient ancestors. So your beloved pet may look much like one owned by Alexander the Great.

General Personality

A saluki is a quiet and loyal companion. They might not be overly overt with their affection, but will shower you with quiet companionship. In fact, they are so loyal they don’t do well being alone. And while they make a great family pet in a household with older children, a house hold with younger children is not recommended.These lovable guys do well in households with other pets too.  Salukis don’t do well with strangers and can’t be quite skittish, so be sure to ask strangers to be respectful and cautious when approaching. 

Despite their gentle nature, these guys have a love of chasing things. Therefore, these dogs are not good for apartments and must be leashed when going on walks. 


The life expectancy of a saluki is 10 to 17 years on average. It is important for them to get plenty of exercise. Give them time every day to run around and play with them. This and a healthy diet can go a long way in keeping them happy and healthy. 

There are some diseases that can be found in this breed:

  • Heart problems such as valve disease
  • Some cancers such as lymphoma
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Blood disorders

Also, make sure that playtime or any vigorous running takes place after meal time, as this can cause bloat

Working with your veterinarian to make sure your saluki is healthy is very important. They will help you with diet choices and make sure there’s nothing 

amiss with your pets health. Schedule your pet’s yearly wellness now!


Grooming a saluki is fairly easy. Their two layers of coats are both smooth and silky and have light shedding. Once a week brushing and a bath every once in a while should suffice for this breed.

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