New Year’s Resolutions for Pets | Winslow Animal Hospital Cat & Dog

People usually have a list miles long on what the want to accomplish for the new year. Everything from health and weight to spending more time on certain activities. But, do you have a New Year’s resolution for your furry friend? It is always good to evaluate your pet’s life style and how it can improve. So, what better time then new year’s too! Here are some ideas for you to think about:

Visit the Vet

What better way to start the new year then with your pet’s yearly check up? Maintaining your pet’s wellness is always the best method when it comes to your pet’s care. So make sure to schedule a visit with your veterinarian.

Brush Teeth More Often

Keeping your pet’s teeth brushed is just as important as brushing your own. It keeps the bad breath and tartar at bay, but also prevents dental disease.

Protect Against Pests

Prevention is the best cure. Keeping the pests off your pet can not only save you potentially thousands of dollars and keep your pet in good health, but it can also protect your human family members too.

Create an Emergency Plan 

Keeping your pet as safe as possible also means planning for the unexpected. Make your pet part of your safety drills so you always know how to safety get them out with your family. It is always good to keep things for your pet in your emergency kit as well. 

Play More

Playing with your pet more is good stimulation and exercise for them and you! Go to a local dog park or a dog friendly beach. Have some new adventures with your furry best friend. 

Manage Weight

Weight management plays a key role in the prevention of many health disorders. Make it a goal this year to achieve and maintain a healthier physique for your pet. Work with your veterinarian today to develop a safe and effect weight management plan that fits your pet’s needs. 

Treat Your Pet to a Spa Day

What is more relaxing then a spa day? The same can be said for your pet. Giving them a spa day can help promote good hygiene as well as keeping them looking their best. 

Keep these things in mind when thinking of ways to start your furry friends new year right.

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