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By December 19, 2019 Pet Health, Tips

As the holidays draw near, potential dangers lurk around the corner for your furry-friend. Hanukkah comes with it’s own set of choking hazzards and GI tract blockers. 


Unfortunately, the dreidel does pose a chocking hazard. Please keep it out of reach of any cats or dogs that tend to chew on things.


These chocolate “coins” are a lot of fun to share with your little ones and friends. However, not so much with your pet. Not only could the wrapping cause blockages in their GI tract, but chocolate is toxic to dogs and can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and will require a trip to the vet. 

Latkes and Sufganiyot

These yummy Hanukkah treats could upset your pet’s stomach. The oil that is used to fry them can cause inflammation in their GI tract or bloat. Not only this but the onions used in them are poisonous to your furry-friend. All the sugar can cause your kitty or puppy some serious health issues. Make sure to keep your special treats away from curious noses and mouths. 

Gift Wrapping

Ribbons and wrapping paper can cause choking, or even block your pet’s GI tract. Make sure to clean up all gift wrapping after unwrapping all your amazing presents.


Dressing your pet up in Hanukkah themed costumes can be fun and produce some adorable results! However, you have to make sure that the costumes doesn’t:

  • restrict breathing
  • restrict moment
  • have small parts 
  • restrict eyesight

Make sure to supervise them while in a costume.


Always be careful with lights, streamers, or anything that you use to decorate. Chewing on these things could cause blockages, chocking, or electrocution. Open flames from manorahs or other candles should be watched carefully so furry tails don’t get burnt and to avoid fires.


If you feel like your pet had ingested something or are injured in anyway, please contact your veterinarian. Always watch your pets and little one and have a happy, light-filled Hanukkah and holidays!

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