The Scary Things in Your Halloween Bucket | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

Halloween – a night to engorge yourself into a candy induced coma.  Baskets and buckets of candy enter each household in chocolaty, sticky glory.  In your sugared state, your probably not thinking of what that snickers or chocolate covered raisin could do to your pet if he got a hold of it. That hoard of candy, if not properly stored, could cause a lot of damage to your furry friend.  


Chocolate for dogs and the occasional cat is a toxin.Therefore it really depends on big your pet is versus how much they ate to determine if you need to get them seen immediately. However, it is best to simply keep all chocolate out of reach – especially the dark chocolate. Call your veterinarian if your dog has ingested chocolate to see if they feel that your pet needs to be seen. If they displays symptoms such as: vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing and seizures, your pet should been seen immediately.  


Much like chocolate, how badly your dog reacts depends on how big he is versus how much he ate. 

Other Dangers

Glow Sticks and Jewelry

Glow sticks and jewelry aren’t necessarily deadly, but if your chewer punctures them it could cause pain, excessive drooling, foaming and mouth irritation.


Please be careful when deciding on a costume for your pet. You want to make sure it doesn’t restrict breathing, movement, or sight. Small parts and snaps should also be avoided to reduce the risk of choking. 


Make sure candles are far out of reach of tails. Not only can your furry friend get burned, but they can start a fire too. 

Please have a safe and happy Halloween with your furry best friends! 

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