Alternatives to Leaving Your Pet in a Car | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

It is too often that we have furry friends locked in cars on scorching days – often this lead to death. PETA reports 79 deaths and counting from animals being locked in hot cars, and that is just the ones reported to them. These deaths could have been very easily avoided, and we here at Winslow Animal Hospital want to help. To keep your pet safe and healthy, please consider these alternatives to keeping them in the car:

  • Use a drive through if available
  • Bring a friend to look after your pet
  • Shop at dog friendly stores
  • Eat at dog friendly restaurants and cafes
  • Leave your dog at home

Before you put your pet in the car, ask yourself if you really need to bring them along for the ride. If the answer is no, please leave them at home in the air conditioning with access to plenty of water. If you are worried about them getting into things, make sure everything important is put away and all cabinets and doors are secure. You can give them their favorite toys and a Kong filled with yummy treats to keep them occupied. Leaving the TV on for them can also be a comfort if your pet has some separation anxiety.

If the answer is yes then please follow the first four suggestions if possible. We ask to just keep the safety and comfort or you pet in mind before you get in the care with them.

We hope you and your furry friends have a safe and wonderful summer!

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