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Cats are very similar to potato chips – you can’t just have one. But let’s be honest, most of the time even five isn’t enough. Don’t worry, we completely understand your love for these cuddly yet independent creatures. Even if you’re considering getting your single cat a brother or sister, we are here to help you make sure that everyone is living harmony.

Make sure to introduce them properly

Proper introduction is always slow and easy. Throwing them together will make an extremely stressful situation and harm your chances of the cats ever getting along. You want to start off by getting the cats used to each other’s sent. Give them blankets with each other’s scents. This will make for less fighting  and stress when the new kitty comes home. Let them take it easy and get used to each other. Try to keep anything from turning hostile – distract them with a toy or treat when you notice body language that may suggest such a situation.

Personal space

Cats are very independent creatures, and as such they need personal space from time to time. This is especially true when it comes to adjusting to a new environment. Have food, water, a liter box, and toys in whatever area your new kitty has decided they are most comfortable. Its best to do this to decrease their stress level and so they are not being pushed out of their comfort zone in order to eat or go to the bathroom. You can move theses things to their permanent place once your new kitty feels comfortable enough to roam the house.

On another note – have personal items for each cat in the household. This is one of – if not the- most important factors of having a peaceful multi-cat household. Cats are very territorial creatures. If they feel like they have their own territory with in the house, there will be less fighting and accidents.

 You might even want to consider installing perches. Cats love to climb and by doing this you allow them to feel like there is more territory for them to claim.

Other Things to Consider

Consider the personalities of each cat. Putting a very playful cat with a very shy cat may not always be the best idea. This situation could be overwhelming for both of the animals. Cats that have similar personalities are more likely to get along.

Also, just like humans, exercise is very important and can help in keeping the peace due to the release of excess energy.

If your cats have been together and there is suddenly a problem you might want to consider:

  • Seeing a veterinarian, because this could indicate a medical issue.
  • Has there recently been a change? A new human family member or a move?
  • Has there been a new cat hanging around your home that hasn’t before?

All of these things can cause your furry friend excess stress that they might take out on their other kitty companions.


If you think it is a medical problem don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian. Cats are very good at hiding illness and any kind of subtle change may hint at a bigger problem.

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