Jan 07 2015

10 Tips for New Kitten Parents | Winslow Animal Hospital

Read 10 Tips for New Puppy Parents

Congratulations on your new kitten! It’s very exciting to add a member to your family, especially one as soft, adorable, and full of curiosity as a kitten. To give your cat the best life possible, start off on the right paw while they are a kitten.

Kitten Food Bowl

  1. Feed your kitten at least 3 times a day from a shallow bowl. Remember that your kitten is tiny, and may struggle with a normal sized bowl. Snacks should also be included in the diet while the kitten is growing. Some good choices are cooked egg yolks and fish (make sure there are no bones!) If your kitten is a modest eater, you can leave out food in their bowl to graze on. Be aware, however, that some pets will overindulge, leading to obesity later in life.
  2. Dry or wet? Here, it depends on what your pet likes. Many owners mix it up with dry food during the day and canned wet food in the evening, or even mixing it to make the dry food more palatable.
  3. Always have fresh, clean water available. Check it throughout the day for cleanliness. Water is the only liquid a cat really needs. Though cats like the taste of cow milk, it might lead to an upset tummy.
  4. Limit handling in the beginning. When a kitten is adjusting to a new home, everything will seem strange and different. It can be tempting to pass the kitten around to everyone who wants to hold her, but it can be stressful for the kitten.
  5. Keep your kitten in a room with the litter pan. At least initially, it’s a good idea to keep the kitten with the litter pan. Cats usually prefer to bury their waste, so there is not much training needed. Just help your kitten learn where the litter box is.
  6. Supervise! A new kitten is especially likely to get into trouble. You really have to keep an eye out in the beginning to avoid the kitten being stepped on, caught behind a piece of furniture, knocking something over, etc.
  7. Take your kitten for a checkup and vaccines. It is so, so important to make sure your kitten is healthy and has immunizations. In fact, if you haven’t done so yet, make an appointment now!
  8. Spay or neuter your kitten. When it is old enough, your cat should be spayed or neutered. Fixed cats don’t go into heat or get pregnant and are less likely to get into fights or spray urine. Neutering is usually done around six months.
  9. Play, play, play! Play time is so fun, and it’s a great way to form a bond for life. Cat toys, crumpled paper, even a piece of string can be a source of entertainment!
  10. Take lots of pictures! That kitten stage will go by so fast! Make sure you take lots of pictures and post them to our facebook page

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  1. Thanks for the tips on taking care of a kitten! My wife and I are planning to buy a kitten this month, and we want to make sure we know how to properly care for him. I like that you mentioned to avoid stress in the kitten by not passing him around or handling him too much early on. We will be sure to give him space and let him adjust.

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