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    We are so amazed at how well Sid is doing after one acupuncture treatment. He has cerebellar hypoplasia and is unable to walk although he does roll all over happily. We have had him for three weeks and he would occasionally use the litter box if we held him in it but mostly he rolled in it and would face plant getting a mouth full of litter. He had acupuncture on Monday and on Tuesday used the box on his own and continues to use it every time. He climbs in and lays on his side doing his business. This is a huge step in his development! His results are identical to when we did it with Denver four years ago. There are no studies regarding CH and acupuncture that we have found, all we know is it again is helping a CH animal. He returns next week for another treatment and we will continue as long as he allows us. It causes no pain and he ate his breakfast and played during his treatment. He’s a feisty little dude that loves his life!

    -Joa’s Arc Animal Rescue

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    Dear Dr. Coudrai and all of the wonderful staff at Winslow Animal Hospital -

    For giving all you give,

    for doing all you do,

    for caring how you care -

    thanks for being you!

    We wanted to thank you for taking such great care of our Grizzly back in Feb & March of this year.

    We are thankful for all of your hard work, dedication, and compassion while taking care of and healing Grizzly. We are happy to say he has been doing well. :)

    Thank you!

    Christen & James M

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    To: Dr. Philippe Coudrai, VMD

    You operated on our housecat “Ari” a few years ago. You removed his 2 ball joints that were “congenially weak” and had broken. I want to tell you, you are a genius. This cat is running and jumping as through nothing ever happened! He is happy and active, and we will forever be grateful for your expertise. Thank you.

    Stan & Joanne L

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    A special thanks from Fudgy’s family.

    Fudgy passed away just over a week ago at 14 years old. Fudgy was a cute, friendly dog who could often be found at Winslow Animal Hospital events, with his Pet-Parents and Bon Bon, a 4-year-old Pomeranian.

    The family brought us a moving thank-you card and fudge pops to honor Fudgy’s memory.

    2015-10-29 14.01.47

    Thank you to everyone at WAH who helped us take good care of Fudgy. He enjoyed life with us for 14 1/2 years. We will miss our Fudgy very much, but have many loving & fun memories. We really appreciate the kindness shown to us as Fudgy got older and sick, especially the last few weeks. Thank you so much!

     Linda, Chris & Bon Bon

    2015-10-29 14.01.29

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    To the staff at WAH, especially Christine
    and Dr. Draper:

    With much sadness Blackie passed away this morning 10/20/15 at 8:45am. We kept Blackie comfortable and I held her as she quietly passed. My mom and I want to thank you all for everything you did even if it was brief. Blackie was a joy and she was loved. She gave us joy to the very end. I have learned a lot thanks to Blackie and any future pet that comes into my life will be treated by the great doctors of WAH. Thanks again for everything.

    Rosaria and Toni LaMazza and Blackie

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    Thank you for all the great care that Harley received over the years from your hospital. He always received the best of care no matter when he came in for an appointment. We never had an unreturned call or felt as though any of our questions or needs were not important to you. I will never forget some of the best times with Linda and Amy, having acupuncture with Dr. Hinze, and the many times Harley had to be babysat because of his bad separation issue with us. We really miss him and he left a void in our hearts, but we had to do what was best for him. I hope someday in the near future I will be able to walk through your front doors with a little bundle of gray. Again, a huge thank you to you all. You are an awesome group of caring people.

    Sincerely, Cindy & Steve Simpson

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    To the Winslow Animal Hospital Staff:

    I would like to thank the entire staff for being so professional, loyal, & loving to my beagle Binky (Donna Valentine). You made him smell good & hair shiny. Your staff truly cares about all animals. So from the bottom of my heart, I would like to say, “Thanks & God bless you all!”

    2015-09-10 23.35.15

  • Cairo(small)

    Winslow animal hospital has done a fantastic job with my 3 year old pit mix, Cairo. He had surgery on his right knee performed by Dr. Coudrai on June 4 for a luxating patella. From the vet techs, to Dr. Coudrai, to the administrative team, to the physical therapist Linda, Winslow Animal Hospital has been nothing but phenomenal and I am so pleased and impressed with their service. Cairo was very timid at first in therapy and Linda was extremely patient and handled him with kindness and understanding. She made sure he always left on a positive note and he now gets excited when we go to the vet for his therapy and can’t wait to get there! Thank you for all you have done for my little man!! Pretty soon he will be better than ever all thanks to your hard work and effort! Thanks again!!

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    I would like to say thank you to Dr. Coudrai for taking such good care of Bear during his surgery yesterday and Linda Franzini for walking me through every step of Bear’s upcoming rehab and the ENTIRE staff at Winslow Animal Hospital for going above and beyong in keeping us informed every step of the way. I appreciate each and every one of you! Sincerely, Mary Ann H