• Prepping for Orthopedic Surgery | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

    Oct 31 2014

     When scrubbing in, it’s important to clean for no less than five minutes to kill all bacteria. Once scrubbed, it is essential that a doctor does not touch ANYTHING that…

  • Oliver Wins Halloween Costume Pet Photo Contest!

    Oct 30 2014

    This goofy dog, Oliver, won our contest on Facebook with his Eeyore costume. Oliver had 126 Likes! Oliver has been a patient of Winslow Animal Hospital since he was a puppy. He…

  • Pumpkin Prize Winner!

    Oct 30 2014

    Congratulations to Kevin, who had the closest guess to the weight of our pumpkin. Enjoy the prize!

  • Dog Makes a New Friend at Winslow Animal Hospital

    Oct 29 2014

    Mickey the Pit Bull was here for an appointment with a Winslow Animal Hospital Veterinary Technician. While waiting, he made a new friend, Dylan!

  • Dogs and Cats Blessed at Winslow Animal Hospital

    Oct 27 2014

    Winslow Animal Hospital held our second annual Blessing of the Pets event on September 26. Father Vincent came out to lead a heart-warming ceremony, speaking about the bond between animals…

  • Happy Birthday, Alexis!

    Oct 24 2014

    There’s a birthday at Winslow Animal Hospital today! Receptionist Alexis is another year older. In the picture above, she poses with Margie, the Winslow Animal Hospital cat with whom she…

  • Buddy Neutered at Winslow Animal Hospital

    Oct 23 2014

    Buddy got sutures removed this week! This cute dog has had experience with a number of Winslow Animal Hospital Services, including dental care and getting a microchip to protect Buddy from…

  • Ebola Virus and Dogs and Cats

    Oct 22 2014

    If you live in the United States, you’ve likely heard news media talking about Ebola. Americans have learned that Ebola virus is spread by close contact with infected bodily fluids,…

  • Orthopedic Surgery on Dog’s Knee: ACL Repair

    Oct 21 2014

    Dr. Coudrai performs knee surgery. This dog has a damaged ACL, but soon he will be as good as new! After his surgery, he will have rehabilitation in aquatic therapy.…

  • 7 Reasons Winslow Animal Hospital Veterinary Technicians are Amazing

    Oct 20 2014

    Winslow Animal Hospital would like to thank all our amazing veterinary technicians! Here’s our top 7 reasons they’re so awesome: 7. Our Veterinary Technicians love to learn! 6. They are…